The Art of Working Women

March 2020

Creatives + Entrepreneurs

Help us celebrate talented women in diverse industries in a collaborative exhibition of Art, Entrepreneurship and Storytelling created by women that you can actually relate to.


We are showcasing a talented range of artists from Sculptors, Illustrators, Photographers, Animators, Videographers, Tattooists, Product Designers to Entrepreneurs and so much more!

Pop-Up Shop

Your favourite online, instagram and etsy products are now available to touch, sniff and lick in the flesh!
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Our Mission

We want to motivate, inspire and support under-represented women in the working world. The more we normalise diversity, the more it can inspire females of all social-economic, religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, to get involved in a range of industries and provide them with the knowledge on how to get there. Hopefully, in the future, we will no longer have to prefix female to every word and Madhat Girls will become just Madhat.

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