We all have too many clothes, yet nothing to wear. Spending way too much on throw away fashion, which only ends up at landfill. Break the cycleRent your next outfit instead. 

Crease is a peer to peer clothing rental platform. We’re your affordable and sustainable solution to an ever-changing wardrobe. We’re a community for like-minded, fashion and eco-conscious ladies. Keeping your outfits fresh at a minimum cost, it’s your guilt-free option for accessing everything from high end to high trend.

Find it, Request it, Rent it, Return it.

Become a member, we’ll be launching online very soon. For now, follow us on socials to hear about our upcoming #RentEvents.

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Tips & Reviews

  • Robyn Thurston

    Posted October 17, 2019 10

    I signed up to Crease to both rent out and borrow clothes! I have listed clothes to rent, namely being my unfulfilled occasional wear, that I absolutely love, but has been sitting in my wardrobe for too long 👘👘!

    I also attended the first rent event at Copeland Yard, where I found this absolutely beautiful red velvet suit, for a friend’s wedding! I tried on the suit at the event and signed up for the rental on the spot. The suit came in the post very promptly! I got so many compliments, and it was really special to know it is the only time I would wear that outfit! It was super easy to return!

    I will definitely be ‘creasing’ again! I’m 100% in! Spend less, wear more!