Anthea Wong is a freelance illustrator and contemporary curator; graduated with BA Graphic Arts: Illustration from Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton 2013. She is a recent graduate with MA Contemporary Curation from Winchester School of Art.

She thoroughly enjoys using mixed media within her work, such as photography and the combination of mixed mediums as well as materials. Her work is highly expressed through bright and vibrant colours and she likes to reflect on nostalgic periods of her life within her drawings. She also takes high interest in curatorial methodologies, understanding of exhibition space and keen interest in aesthetic, objects and senses.

Anthea is currently undergoing several curatorial projects in London, watch this space!

  • : http://www.aymwong.com
  • : London
  • : United Kingdom
  • : yes
  • : illustration curation
  • Anthea Wong
    Anthea Wong
    Anthea Wong
    Anthea Wong
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