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Listing Requirements

Madhat Girls Club is open to everyone. Our main focus is to represent minority groups but we are an inclusive platform. We aspire to represent open-minded, diverse and credible women in business.

There is a yearly membership cost of $49 if you want to be listed on our directory. This contribute towards domain, hosting and running costs of the website.

Madhat Girls is run by Bexa using her own savings. 

Diversity First

We only accept business services and products. Even though you have the option to add/search your location, we would like to keep it all online so that everyone worldwide can access your service.

Solid Branding

Good branding is important for any business Yours must be solid, identifable and unique to distinguish it from other products and services. Incase it is not we may provide tips, tools and services to guide you towards a better image.

Positive Online Presence

You must provide us with an active social profile like Linked In or Facebook to prove your identity and have recent activity on your Business social accounts.

Friendly & Respectful

We're a collaborative community. All our members must treat each equally with respect. Anyone found breaching this code will be removed immediately.

Passionate & Reliable

We want you to LOVE what you do. We are counting on you to be credible so please live up to the expectations to the services you are selling.

Read the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

You must read our Privacy Policy to ensure you understand your rights. By signing up you are also agreeing to our Terms & Conditions so please read thoroughly!

Logo & Image Sizes

These are the image size restrictions. You can upload ones smaller than these sizes but NO larger.

Please make sure the Logo and Images are optimised and to the correct size. This is to ensure your images load up quickly and your listings look nice and tidy.

Max file size: 100mb

Compress Image Size

To optimise your images please use Tinypng. It’s completely free, easy to use and can reduce your file size by up to 70%.


Logo Size
350 x 300 px

1080 x 698px

Listing Header
1920 x 803px

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