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Hello, we are Madhat Girls.

This platform was created from the desire to showcase women you can actually relate to, to show that you don’t have to fit a criteria, or fit in to succeed. The more we normalise diversity, the more it can encourage talented and diverse women to grow interest in a variety of fields such as Tech, STEM, Business and Entrepreneurship and providing them knowledge on how. Hopefully, in the future we will no longer have to say female entrepreneur and Madhat Girls will become just Madhat.

Our Mission

When you support diversity in a business environment, you not only contribute to the goal of normalising it, you also strengthen your country’s economy by inviting unique and talented people into a variety of roles. We support under-represented female entrepreneurs on a mission to grow their skills and exposure to careers, inspirational women and a world they didn’t know existed.

By providing a platform to educate, promote and celebrate the creativity, achievements and contributions made by women from all backgrounds we will expose you to women of  different age, shape, cultural, ethnic, religious or economic backgrounds. In our inclusive environment, let your work do the talking and the sisterhood do the walking.

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How you can help our mission

Get Involved

Take part in our yearly Exhibition! Over the course of the next year or so we will be offering mini courses to build your online presence through creativity and marketing; learn ways to side hustle your way through the bustle of business.

Support Eachother

Join our closed facebook group. Get listed on our Directory. Reach out, offer advice, ask for help or skill share and witness the magic happen from the power of sisterhood.

Share Your Story

Everyone should have a platform to tell their story; no matter where you are in your path a woman out there can relate. We want to cover you and your business to inspire and help diverse women relate to diverse stories.

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What does Madhat mean?

M.A.D is an acronym for Marketing And Design. It originated from me and my best friend joining forces from our love of both fields. Mad Hat is a play on the term Black Hat SEO. We are not White nor Black we are in our own genre AKA rebellious and MAD AF.

We are voluntarily run by professionals in the industry who have full-time jobs all funding for projects come from our own pockets.

Our goal is is to motivate, inspire and support women at all stages of their entrepreneurial journeys