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Do you provide a service that helps others?

Are you entreprenurial minded? Are you passionate about making a difference? Do you feel like you don’t quite fit the norm? Girl, your time has finally come! This platform was created from the desire to rave about the achievements and successes of diverse women in business. In a world filled with potential we hope to inspire and educate about tech, business and make entreprenural information accessible and possible for all types of women of any age, shape, colour, rich or poor


Until Launch

Every year in London we will hold an Art Exhibition during Womens Day called “Women at Work” celebrating the Diverse Women in Tech, STEM and Entreprenurial fields. Hello, 2020. It’s the year of change.

Madhat Girls Membership

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Exhibition + Workshops

Once a year we will hold an exhibition celebrating Diverse Women at Work with a book filled with those involved. We’re open for submissions so please get in touch!

Gain Credibility

MHGzine + Resources

We’ll expose you to diverse businesses and a world beyond your bubble through articles, resources and tools. We want to give you everthing we know that can help you to grow yourself or your business in your own unique way.

Support Eachother

Community + Directory

Join our closed Facebook Community and witness the magic happen from a supportive environment. Get listed on our searchable directory to be found, find and connect with a diverse range of businesses. 

Our Mission

When you support diversity in a business environment, you not only contribute to the goal of normalising differencies, you also strengthen your country’s economy by more unique and talented people into the workplace. 

We strive to support under-represented female entrepreneurs on a mission to grow their businesses and achieve success . We want to provide a platform to educate, promote and celebrate the creativity and achievements to those who matter – whether it be a woman of colour, a white male , your grandma or even a pet-driven business. We want to expose you to content made by everyone for everyone. In our inclusive environment, you don’t need to prove yourselves anymore especially to those who will never relate. Let your work do the talking and the sisterhood do the walking.